Our Story

Ritzy Rex premium designer dog beds were inspired by our desire to create a pet bed that complemented our home décor, in addition to being a soft and comfortable bed that our new puppy would absolutely love. Like many small businesses, Ritzy Rex started off with a sewing machine in our basement. Our dog loved the bed so much, and we got so many complements on it, that we knew it would be a hit!

We differentiate ourselves by using ultra plush fleece on one side that dogs just can’t seem to resist, and stylish patterned fabrics on the other side that fits into any decor. The beds stay fluffy while others tend to go flat, are very durable (just ask our teething puppy), and the cover can simply be tossed in the washing machine and dryer. And as an added benefit, they’re made entirely in the USA!

We’ve received rave reviews from everyone whose dog has used our beds (for example, one literally has to drag their dog off the bed, and another’s dog carries the bed from room to room and won’t lay anywhere else)…and of course our own dog agrees!

The bed is available in 3 sizes (they’re pretty roomy because dogs love to sprawl out on them), and 6 prints to match your style.